How Much Is Dental School?

VD September 09 2021

Education, especially higher and professional education, is not as affordable anymore as it used to be just a couple of decades ago. This sudden and massive spike in dental school tuition fees and education expenses cannot be blamed only on the prestigious colleges and schools alone. The increase in the overall literacy rate in the US after the cold-war era is also responsible for this.

So, how much is dental school tuition, especially for a student looking forward to getting into a US dental school for their top-class quality? To answer this question properly, we need to go through some of the top US dental schools and their financial structure.


Harvard University Dental School Tuition

How can one possibly talk about top dental schools in the US and not include Harvard University in the list? Established in the year 1636, the Harvard Dental School ranks at number 7 worldwide.

How much is Harvard Dental School? As the top IVY league university in the US, Harvard does charge a dream-shattering amount per annum for its Dental School enrolment. The estimated first-year fees are around $100,000, including dental school tuition fees and student expenses. 

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Quality education in an environment full of opportunities has been the motto of UNC since the day it was inaugurated. Also, the UNC dental school was the first-ever dental school in North Carolina, making the school famous for its one-of-a-kind experience.

Approximately how much is the UNC dental school? The school is divided in its fee structure and expenses based on the area you belong from. For all the North Carolina state students, for a year, UNC dental school tuition fee is around $20,000, while for the non-North Carolina, it can go all the way up to $30,000 per annum.

New York University Dental School Tuition

Besides its world-class ranking, the NYU allows its students to experience the magical life of the city of lights while getting a research-oriented degree. Surprisingly, NYU is estimated to host around 10% of the future US dentists per year.

How much is the NYU dental school? Chartered in 1831, the NYU dental school is quite expensive even when NYU is not regarded as an IVY league University. The estimated collective student expenses for the first dental school year can cost up to $100,000, including the dental school tuition fees.

University of California, Los Angeles

Situated in the heart of beautiful and sunny Los Angeles, the UCLA school of dentistry is one of the most prominent US-based dental schools. As a state university, the quality of education and facilities offered by the UCLA dental school is lesser than any other major Ivy league university.

How much is the UCLA dental school? If we talk about the first-year dental school tuition fee alone, it can cost around $19,000. But with all the additional charges, the total expenses for the first year can go as high as $90,000.

University of Minnesota

One of the only US-based universities providing top-notch dental education with a comparatively affordable per year fee structure. The UM School of Dentistry is ranked as the 32nd best dental school in the world.

How much is the UM dental school? The approximate fee for UM dental school's first year is approximately $19,000 in dental school tuition fees. With all the additional supplies, books, charges, and similar, the total fees for first-year can go up to a maximum of $62,000 which is still comparatively quite affordable.

Boston University

Probably one of the most popular US universities because of its diverse and super effective teaching dynamics. That’s why BU’s Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine is one of the top 50 global dental schools. The university also makes sure that the students can get their hands on a 10-week one-of-a-kind externship.

How much is BU dental school? The first year’s dental school tuition fee alone will cost you around 80,000 USD, going as high as $90,000 with all related charges included. Living and personal charges are not part of this estimation.

Columbia University

Known for its ability to produce future leaders and entrepreneurs, Columbia University is known for its academic excellence among other IVY league universities. Ranked at No 32 in the world, the CU School of Dentistry is surely a place to learn and explore opportunities you never thought even existed.

How much is CU dental school? As an IVY league University, per year charges for a full-time dental school seat at CU are quite high. The first-year academic charges alone can cost you around 94,000 USD, going as high as $120,000, including all the miscellaneous living charges.

University of Pennsylvania

Renowned for the quality of its graduates, the UP School of Dentistry is by far the most regarded and respected dentistry among all IVY League institutes. The university also offers several scholarships and grants for students who dream of becoming part of the University of Pennsylvania.

How much is the University of Pennsylvania dental school? For year one at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dentistry, you need to pay 76,000 fees in terms of education charges. If you include miscellaneous charges, the average amount for year one can go up to more than $120,000.

University of Washington

The university is practically leading the world in the field of dental research. Ranked as the third-best dental school in the US, the University of Washington dental is going to provide you a one-of-a-kind experience with its world-famous SURF program.

How much is the University of Washington dental school? The first year’s fees, including all education and miscellaneous charges, are around $92,000 for state residents. For non-state residents, this amount can go up to a maximum of $121,000. The school is well-known for its generous scholarships and grants.

Is there any way I can get financial help to attend dental school?

If we talk about the US, there are quite some grants and scholarships that can be availed to enroll in a US dental school. These financial aids mostly cover all your educational and personal expenses.

First, you need to apply for the Pell Grant if you fall under the Pell Grant eligibility category. If you don’t, the best way to streamline your education path through any dental school is to get a thoroughly estimated federal student loan.

Second, you can always apply with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The free application program will act as your financial advisor while applying to various dental schools and universities. 

Once you get an offer letter from one of your preferred universities, the university authority will guide you further about the financing options you have to reduce the overall stress on your pocket as much as possible. But keep in mind, you will need to successfully secure admission to a university first to avail this opportunity.